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L300C CNC turning centers series, designed by Hyundai WIA with years of expertise and the latest technology, is a Turning Center that maximizes productivity and performance.

  • Sturdiness secured through the adoption of an all Axis box guide
  • Highly accurate direct link and highly sturdy all-in-one structure
  • Highly accurate pretension double-anchor method
  • Minimized heat deformation in the main spindle
  • Gearless type main spindle models are all equipped with a mill turret.
  • Big Bore Spindle (L300C Series)
centre strunjire L300C / strunjire interioară

One-Piece Bed Structure

High Precision & Rigidity, One-Piece Structure
The L300 features a 45° slant bed design which is developed through finite element analysis (FEA) to absorb vibration and minimize thermal growth. This ensures a stabilized platform for powerful, precise cutting capabilities.

batiu structură monobloc înclinat la 45

Integrated Coolant Tank

The coolant tank is changed from separate structure to one-piece structure to prevent overflow and clogging.
It is possible to remove chips from right side of the machine which enhances chip removal capability


High-Speed Roller LM Guideway
All axes of L300 Series are designed with Box Guideways for better travel ability. Box Guideways show great performance in offsetting vibrations caused by heavy duty cutting

Ball Screw

Large diameter ball screws with preloading prevent deformation due to heat. Also double-anchor suppport method improves rigidity

Main Spindle

Spindle for Specialized in High-speed and Rough Cutting

centre strunjire L300A arbore principal

The main spindle has a wide range of constant power and utilizes the same structure as high speed turning centers. It is designed to minimize thermal displacement and to maintain stable cutting Capability during high speed machining. In particular, the enhanced processing and assembling accuracy of bearings enables the spindle unit to maintain high precision for a long time.

C-Axis Control (‘M’ Type)

The C axis is capable of 0.001° control when milling turret is applied. Machining capability is strengthened with turning and milling operations.

Gear Type Spindle

A two-step driving method is applied inside the main spindle as
standard to non mill turret models.(L300A/C/LA/LC) It provides
powerful torque at low speeds and stable rotation at high speeds.

Gearless Type Spindle

Mill turret(BMT turret) equipped models are driven by the gearless method thereby reducing noise and providing outstanding surface finish.

8˝ Sub Spindle (‘S’ Type)

centre strunjire L300A arbore secundar

The Belt-type sub spindle is designed to minimize thermal displacement during the continuous machining, offering from the heavy-duty cutting to the high-speed machining. When the main spindle cutting is completed, the sub spindle rotation is synchronized with the main spindle allowing the workpiece to be transferred to the sub spindle, and machining can begin on the back side of the workpiece.


Servo Turret

The turret of L300 series are applied with high performance AC servo motor, improving machining reliability. 3-piece coupling shows excellent performance in indexing. Powerful hydraulic tool clamping minimizes tool tip deviation caused by load.

centre strunjire L300A - turelă servo
Turelă acționată cu servomotor

20 Bar(290 psi) High Pressure Coolant

Turret is designed to utilize 20 bar (290 psi) high pressure coolant and it shows optimum performance in machining difficult-to-cut material.

BMT65 Turret

The BMT turret secures the tool with four bolts and key on the tool mounting surface of the turret, making it possible to powerfully fix the tool, ensuring high reliability in rigidity and precision.

Mill Tool Holder

Machining capability has increased with the addition of straight milling head tool holder.

Găurire L300 LMSA

Special Tool

The L300 series can process high value-added products using a variety of rotating tools. In particular, there is a multi-holder for attaching a variety of tools to one holder, and an eccentric rotary tool for handling eccentric parts without additional axis travel, which can realize integration of process with one machine.

L300C Series high precision CNC turning centers

Automatic Q-Setter

Cutting tools are calibrated quickly and accurately with the addition of a q-setter. Each tool tip is touched off manually using a sensor that inputs the position automatically.

Linear Scale

Linear scales increase positioning accuracy and reduce distortion caused by thermal growth, thus ensuring a more accurate finished part.

Work Probe

Workpiece coordinate values can be set automatically using the optional spindle probe.

Technical Specifications L300C

Max Turning Dia [mm]560
Max Turning Length [mm]720
Driving MethodGear
Chuck Size [inch/mm]12″/304,8
Spindle RPM [rot/min]3,000
Spindle Output [kW]26/22
Spindle Torque [Nm]1131/957
Travel (X,Y) [mm]355/750
Rapid Travel [m/min]20/24
Slide TypeBOX
No. of Tools12
Tool Size (turning/milling) [mm]25/50

Technical Specifications L300LC

Max Turning Dia [mm]560
Max Turning Length [mm]1,320
Driving MethodGear
Chuck Size [inch/mm]12″/304,8
Spindle RPM [rot/min]3,000
Spindle Output [kW]26/22
Spindle Torque [Nm]1131/957
Travel (X,Y) [mm]355/1,350
Rapid Travel [m/min]20/24
Slide TypeBOX
No. of Tools12
Tool Size (turning/milling) [mm]25/50

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