XM2600ST 9-axis Multitasking Turning Center

XM2600ST 9-axis Multitasking Machine

Multitasking Machine XM2600ST, designed by HYUNDAI WIA with years of expertise and the latest technology, is designed to maximize productivity by utilizing mill head and lower turret.

Process-intensive 9-axis Multi-tasking Machine with XM2600ST 01the Mill Head, 2 Spindle & Lower Turret

  • The adoption of a milling head with a built-in motor B axis (0.0001°) enables the operator to perform turning and milling works in perfect harmony
  • Expanded machining area by shortening the length of the mill head : 550 mm (21.7′′) -> 420 mm (16.5′′)
  • Y-axis travel distance increased : 250 mm (9.8′′) -> 300 mm (11.8′′)
  • Application of CAPTO C6 tool for high speed complex machining
  • The model features built-in 1st & 2nd-spindles with high power and high torque

Bed structure

High Precision, High Rigidity Bed Structure

The new bed design has especially been interpreted and designed with the FEM method to minimize various factors such as thermal distortion and vibration, which could take place during machinine. Also to secure machining, XM2600ST is designed low bed structrue compared to previous model.

High-Speed Travel

Cross Type Y-axis

The cross type Y-axis ensures excellent positioning accuracy and provides easier programming and correction of programs which helps in enhancing productivity.

Wide Machining Range of Y-axis

The adoption of Y-axis with wide cutting range of 300mm(11.8′′) allows Y-axis cutting in a single step without having to rotate the C-axis, and improves the cutting pitch and precision level.

High-Speed Roller LM Guideway

Linear roller guideways are applied to reduce non-cutting time and bring high rigidity.

Ball Screw Nut Cooling (Z1/Y/X1 axis : Std.)

The Z1, Y, and X1 axes, which have a higher transfer frequency than other axes, use the ball screw nut cooling method as standard to minimize thermal displacement due to the frequent repetitive motion.

High-Precision Linear Scale

Linear scales on all axes providing high precision positioning accuracy and compensates for ball screw thermal displacement ensuring extremely precise machining. In addition, the absolute type linear scale is installed in close proximity to the ball screw of each axis.

Mill Head

Milling heads for machining complex shapes

The XM2600ST is the culmination of HYUNDAI WIA’s technological prowess, capable of machining any product of complex shape required by a customer through its mill head and lower turret.

Expansion of machining range

The length of the mill head has been reduced by 130mm (5.1′′) compared to the previous model to expand the machining range. <550 → 420mm (21.7′′→16.5′′)>.

Compact Mill Head with a B-axis Operated by a High-precision DDM

The mill head is a product of combining HYUNDAI WIA’s latest technologies. The B-axis operated by DD motor method (0.0001°) to eliminate rotational backlash and spindle 1 (0.0001°) together can machine impellers, blades and other simultaneous 5-axis machining (standard application). Also, it can perfectly carry out machining of workpieces with complex shape including sloped surface, etc.

Tool Shank CAPTO-C6

CAPTO-C6, which allows double-sided circulation, is applied as a standard for maximum cutting capability.

  • Ideal over load analysis
  • Decreased tool change time by short taper / Excellent cutting ability


Built-in Spindle (1st/2nd)

The 1st and 2nd spindles with a built-in motor structure can minimize the vibration and heat generated during high-speed rotation, which makes them ideal for high-precision machining. Also, Machines with a 2nd spindle can perform secondary operations with a single setup, increasing flexibility and productivity.

Spindle Oil Cooling

The 1st/2nd spindles have been fitted with cooling units as a standard feature to minimize thermal displacement generated during cutting works, maintain a constant temperature, and increase cutting stability.


Turret-attached Type Rest

It guarantees machining stability by preventing tilt and shaking during machining of products such as long shafts. SLU3.2 Rest can also be applied for machining large workpieces.

Optional Mill Turret (Std. 12T Turning Turret)

The lower mill turret (Opt.) ensures the high-speed machining of complicated shapes in precision only with the one-time setting of an object to be machined with the mill head and complex machining.

Mill Tool Holder

Machining capability has increased with the addition of straight milling head tool holder, which can machine workpieces from the side, and angular milling head tool holder, which can perform I.D. operations.

Special Tool

XM2600ST can process high value-added products using a variety of rotating tools. In particular, multi-holders for attaching variety of tools to one holder, and eccentric rotary tool for handling eccentric parts without additional axis movement, which can realize integration of process with one machine (ANGLE HEAD, GEAR HOBBING HEAD, DOUBLE TYPE HEAD).

ATC & Magazine

The installation of magazine on the front provides efficient tool change and tool setting. Magazine with chain driving method provides 40 tools as standard, and 80 tools as option.

Various Devices for User Friendly

The XM2600ST offers Ergonomic Design for Easy Operability and Maintenance.

Improved Access with Larger Front Door

The adoption of a larger front door makes crane access for cutting preparation works, such as setting up workpieces, much easier.

Highly Accessible Spindle

The spindle’s ergonomic design improves access for the chuck and makes it easier to set up workpieces.
The height from the floor to the center of the spindle has been carefully considered in order to improve the operator’s convenience when setting up work pieces.

Operation Panel

The arms for the OP box and the OP box can rotate independently, which makes operating convenient depending on the workpiece setting or worker position thus allowing the user to easily move the arms to desired location.

Video machining XM2600ST

Technical Specifications XM2600ST

Max Turning Dia [mm]660
Max Turning Length [mm]1,540
Driving MethodBuilt in
Chuck Size [inch/mm]Main 8″/203.2
Sub 6″/152.4
Spindle RPM [rot/min]4,000
Spindle Output [kW]30/22
Spindle Torque [Nm]724/410
Travel (X,Y,Z) [mm]695/1,585/300/235/1,540/1,540
Rapid Travel (X,Y,Z) [m/min]48/48/36/24/36/30
Slide TypeLM
No. of ToolsMill head : 40T / Turret : 12T
Tool Size (turning/milling) [mm]Mill head : D Ø130/ L450 / Turret : 25/Ø40
Milling Tool Speed [rot/min]Mill head : 12,000 / Turret : 5,000

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