Grintech at Industry Days 16-19.5.2023

This year we had the opportunity to meet clients at industry days.

Thank you, everyone who came to meet with us.

We had the honor to present in a live demo of Hyundai WIA CNC machine Tools.

We manufactured the part especially for the exhibition.

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Our machine tools in industry days 2023

In this expo we decided to expose two different machines in live demonstration:

  • In the first operation, we used the SE2200LMS CNC turning center for roughing and to machine a square section locating surface for the third operation by using polygonal milling capability of the machine. After taking over the raw part with the sub spindle,  we made the semi-roughing of the other side in the second operation.
  • In the third operation we used the XF6300 5-axis machining center for roughing the grooves of turbine wheel and for finishing the surfaces in high quality.

SE2200CNC turning center

High Speed, Rigidity and Productivity CNC Turning Center for next generation

The CNC Turning Center SE Series, designed with HYUNDAI WIA’s engineering expertise to maximize productivity by enhancing rigidity and accuracy of machining.

Excellent Machining Performance, Y-axis CNC Turning Center

  • 30° slanted one-piece bed structure with high rigidity
  • Compact product size allows installation in small areas
  • Improved user convenience by applying the latest controller of FANUC
  • Ensured high-rigidity applying Roller guideway on all axes (X/Z-axis: 30/36m/min)
  • Prepared user-oriented lineup including long-bed, mill turret and sub-spindle
  • Integrated processing through synchronized control of Main/Sub spindle
  • Ergonomic design for convenient access to chuck and tool
  • Stabilized unit structure to minimize thermal displacement

XF63005-Axis Vertical Machining Center

The Vertical Machining Center XF6300 designed by Hyundai WIA with years of expertise and the latest technology, is made to meet the intense performance requirements of the mold industry.

  • cutting-edge High-speed and High-precision 5-axis Machining Center
  • Increases strength with all-in-one bed & column structure
  • Machines High-precision parts with x-axis box-in-box structure
  • Built-in DDM table
  • Standard 34-tool ring-type ATC (C-C time: 4.5 sec.)
  • 19″ LCD monitor

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