Vertical CNC lathe LV450

LV450R/L | LV450RM/LM

The Hyundai-WIA Vertical CNC lathe LV450 has a rigid and stable platform for heavy cutting, with a one-piece, square-type column that offers maximum stability.

strung vertical LV450
  • Vertical CNC lathe LV450 Stable structure of the main spindle of powerful heavy cutting type (Loading & clamping structure taking advantage of the Spindle weight)
  • High/Low chucking to minimize material deformation is a standard feature
  • Designed for easy addition of automation and other peripheral accessories
  • Minimal footprint for use of less shop floor space and ease of transportation
  • Available in “Right” and “Left” hand configurations to minimize pitch between spindle centerlines for ease of operation and the addition of automation
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High-Precision Structure

Right and Left Machine Structure

The LV Series consists of Left and Right machine configuration, allowing for more efficient automation options. (Except LV1100)

strung vertical LV450 - design în olgindă

Front Operation Structure

The power supply, hydraulic device and lubrication device are all designed to be controlled on the front side of the machine, leading to enhanced user convenience.

Fixed Type Column

The LV450/500 Series is designed with a fixed column to minimize vibration during axial movements.

strung vertical LV - coloană fixă sau mobilă

Moving Colum

The LV1100 Series Features a traveling column to maintain superior accuracy when turning larger work pieces.


Step frame structure

For the LV1100 series, the main movement of the column is adjusted in steps so that the load generated in front during the processing operations is reduced to a minimum. Also, by optimizing the weight of the column, the stability of the feed is improved.


Spindle for Heavy Cutting

The use of both cylindrical roller bearings and angular contact bearings provide high speed and rigidity. This enables machining of heavy workpieces. Also, LV1100 Series is with a gear box spindle, which provides high torque at low rpm and stability at high rpm.

strung vertical LV450 - arbore principal rigid
strung vertical LV450 – arbore principal rigid

C-Axis Control (‘M’ Type)

The C-axis is capable of 0.001° control when milling turret is applied. Machining capability is strengthened with turning and milling operations.

dimensiuni maxime repere strunguri verticale seria LV

Chip Influx Protection

The LV Series is incorporated with a protection device to keep chips and other foreign materials from entering the main spindle, ensuring long term high precision performance.

strung vertical LV450 - Protecție împotriva aglomerării de șpan
Protecție împotriva aglomerării de șpan

The sloped bed design improves chip flow and disposal of cutting fluids minimizing thermal displacement.

Servo Turret

The LV Series’ machining reliability is enhanced by incorporating a
high performance AC servo motor to the turret drive mechanism.
Also, the turrets are installed with 3 piece couplings to improve
indexing accuracy. Powerful hydraulic tool clamping exhibits great
heavy duty machining performance by minimizing tool tip deviation
due to work load.

servo turelă cu 8 / 12 stații

Mill Turret

BMT Turret (‘M’ Type)

Turelă frezare BMT (tip „M”)

The BMT turret secures the tool with four bolts and key on the tool
mounting surface of the turret, making it possible to powerfully fix the
tool, ensuring high reliability in rigidity and precision.

Mill Tool Holder

Suport scule frezare

Machining capability has increased with the addition of straight milling head tool holder, which can machine workpieces from the side, and angular milling head tool holder, which can perform I.D. operations

Technical Specification LV450R/L

Max Turning Dia [mm]465
Max Turning Length [mm]465
Driving Method [tip antrenare]Curea
Chuck Size [inch/mm]12″/304,8
Spindle RPM [rot/min]3,000
Spindle Output [kW]22/18.5
Spindle Torque [Nm]730/614
Travel (X,Y) [mm]310/495
Rapid Travel [m/min]20/24
Slide Type[tip]Liniare
No. of Tools12
Tool Size [mm]25/50
Milling Tool Speed [rot/min]

Technical Specification LV450RM/LM

Max Turning Dia [mm]465
Max Turning Length [mm]465
Driving Method [tip antrenare]Curea
Chuck Size [inch/mm]12″/304,8
Spindle RPM [rot/min]3,000
Spindle Output [kW]22/18.5
Spindle Torque [Nm]730/614
Travel (X/Y) [mm]310/495
Rapid Travel [m/min]20/24
Slide TypeLiniare
No. of Tools12
Tool Size [mm]25/50
Milling Tool Speed [rot/min]4,000

Processing Video LV450RM

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